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Our ‘Applied Knowledge’ Workshops


Our ‘Applied Knowledge’ Workshops

Our Applied Knowlege Workshops have been specifically developed to provide a solid level of fundamental understanding and practical skill that can be immediately applied within an operational business environment

Our ‘Applied Knowledge’ Workshops are the foundation of our ‘Learning for Understanding’ Programs. These workshops are specifically designed and adapted based upon the needs and requirements of the client and in particular the agreed objectives set out for the attendees skill, knowledge and understanding outcomes. These workshops provide the participants with the core understanding of the specifically agreed topic areas to enable them to go back into their workplace or team as a valuable contributor to the management and success of the business unit. The ‘Applied Knowledge’ Workshops format is designed to be highly interactive and allow the participants the opportunity to learn and practice the practical skills required for them to be effective and successful

Learning for understanding is the key. A broad base of understanding of the concepts of a particular discipline or subject area creates the solid foundation upon which true mastery is forged. Without a solid foundation understanding a persons knowledge of subject is weakly constructed at best!

How our ‘Applied Knowledge’ Workshops can help you achieve your specific Strategy, Innovation, Customer Experience, Service Design or Marketing Goals and Objectives

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Workshops Focused on Your Specific Needs and Objectives – All of Our Workshops are Specifically Developed, Designed and Delivered based upon Our Client’s Needs and Requirements and are Highly Outcome Focused

Each of our ‘Applied Knowledge’ Workshops are bespoke in their design and content based upon the specific skill and knowledge development needs and requirements of the workshop participants along with the commercial and strategic goals and objectives of our client organisation. We endeavour at all times to work as closely as possible with our client organisations as collaborating partners committed to creating and delivering the highest quality, most effective workshop program outcomes and results possible.

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Building Your Organisation’s or Team’s Knowledge and Performance – All of Our Workshops are Designed around Developing Knowledge, Practical Understanding and Capability Confidence in the Program Participants

We pride ourselves on a long history of designing and delivering the highest possible standard of industry relevant and practically orientated workshop program formats, content and materials that have and continue to deliver consistently superior, industry leading outcomes and results. We unashamedly focus all of our learning and mentoring programs on developing applied skill, practical understanding and capability confidence with our program participants that can be put into action in their roles and organisations immediately upon completion. Confident, practical ability and skill development in the key subject competency areas is always our core focus and objective.

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Delivered by Industry Practitioners – All of Our Workshops are Delivered by Highly Experienced, Current Industry Practitioners

All of our ‘Applied Knowledge’ Workshops are facilitated and delivered by highly experienced, seasoned industry practitioners that are currently active in their particular field of expertise. Each of our workshop delivery specialists and mentors have been selected based upon their professional reputation and networks coupled with their personal commitment to achievement and success for themselves, their organisations, and that of the workshop participants.

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Examples of Our ‘Applied Knowledge’ Workshops Format Programs

Below are a few examples of our many specialist Applied Knowledge development topic areas. Please contact us to learn more about our customised programs or to discuss your specific needs and objectives

Service Design Thinking Applied Fundamentals Workshop
Our Service Design Thinking Applied Fundamentals Workshop will help you break through your complex business challenges with a systematic approach to uncovering new opportunities, creative insights and innovative solutions to your customer service and experience development and delivery. Workshop participants will learn the fundamentals of the Service Design Thinking concepts and processes as well as using specific tools for developing deeper customer insights and idea generation through to prototyping and customer-centric service delivery.

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Understanding Customer Experience Applied Workshop
Our Understanding Customer Experience Applied Workshop has been specifically designed to introduce the fundamental concepts and thinking supporting ‘customer centricity’ and ‘customer experiences’ as the primary driver behind highly competitive and successful organisations and businesses in modern 21st century, highly dynamic marketplaces and operating environments. Workshop participants will work through the latest research and its practical implications and application on customer interaction, satisfaction levels, service delivery and its impact on your competitive success and financial bottom line.

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Tourism Distribution Applied Fundamentals Workshop
Our Tourism Distribution Applied Fundamentals Workshop has be been successfully delivered to 100’s of small and medium size tourism, hospitality and accommodation businesses and organisations throughout Australia across the past 10 years. This particular workshop has become the industry ‘Gold Standard’ in practical and applied learning and skill development in global tourism trade distribution networks and channels. Workshop participants work through a fundamental understanding of distribution channel mix and tourism trade engagement, along with core tourism marketing and promotional knowledge and then apply this to their specific business or organisational objectives and target market opportunities.

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Customer Journey Mapping Applied Workshop
Our Customer Journey Mapping Applied Workshop introduces the concepts and applied practice behind customer and user interactions and contact touchpoints as the customer or user engages with your business or organisation. Using various models and tools we look at the ‘customer journey’ through the lens of in any and of all the possible medium through which a past, present or future customer, stakeholders, or any other party my understand, learn, perceive, interact or connect with your business, brand or organisation. Workshop participants use practical examples and tools to begin to build an journey maps and deeper understanding of customer experience and service perceptions of their own various customer and user groups.

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Without the opportunity for us to work with an amazing group of clients over the past 11 years our work would have no meaning. Thank You!

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We would also like to acknowledge and thank the 100’s of individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders that we have had the pleasure of working with, mentoring and supporting over the past 11 years