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Business Model Innovation & Strategy

Leading, Designing and Delivering Competitive Enterprise and Business Model Strategy in an increasingly Dynamic, Disruptive and Customer Driven Marketplace

We can support you and your team in conceptualising, designing, planning and delivering a market competitive Business Model Innovation. iimagine can work with you to formulate, design and execute your business model to deliver on your innovation goals and objectives. We can support you and your team with re-thinking and designing your commercial/business model strategy to take better advantage of constantly changing and evolving customer needs, preferences and expectations. We can support you in re-thinking your organisational structure and nurturing and leading a culture of creative and customer-centric innovation for competitive advantage.

Business Model Innovation strategy is ultimately only ever about effective execution. This point has been never more true than in today’s fast pace, constantly changing world. Unfortunately most well intentioned and planned strategies fail due to poor or ineffective execution.

We offer a suite of services in re-thinking and re-designing whole or part of organisation business model strategies from both an internal and customer facing perspective to compete in dynamic and disrupted marketplaces

We customise our services to deliver on your specific needs around the core areas of:

Understanding Business Model Innovation – Rationale, visualisation and concept planning for how your current and/or future Business Models to create, capture and deliver value for your organisation, customers and stakeholders 

The starting point for any discussion, review or planning on business model innovation is a shared understanding of what a business model actually is and how the business model impacts and determines business success and value creation. The business model concept must be simple, relevant and intuitively understandable whilst not over simplifying the complexities on how the over all business functions. Using the Business Model Canvas template as a shared language across your organisation we work through the ‘9 Building Blocks’ in the canvas to construct an orderly and objective view of your current and/or future business models.

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Practical Design and Application of Your Business Model Innovation Strategy – Supporting your team we work through the development and application of business model innovation patterns and business model design techniques    

Using many known business model innovation patterns as a base of understanding and comparison we work through opportunities for re-thinking, re-designing and innovating your business model for value creation, and commercial and competitive advantage. We facilitate this through the application of a number of business model innovation design tools and techniques such as Deep Customer Insights, Stakeholder Mapping, Ideation, Visual Thinking, Prototyping, Storytelling and Scenario Planning, we begin to develop business model designs that open up value creation opportunities for the organisation and areas of potential competitive advantage.

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Effective Implementation and Execution of Your Business Model Innovations – Ultimately no business model or business model innovation has any chance of success without intelligent and well executed strategy. We support your team in re-interpreting strategy and implementation through the lens of your business model canvas

We support your team in planning a strategy and the execution of your business model innovation. Using a mix of traditional and new strategic planning tools (based around the Business Model Canvas) we work through the navigation of the wider commercial environment in which the business model innovation is required to deliver and survive, as well as specific design drivers and constraints present. We continue to support your organisation and team in the creation of an on-going culture of innovation and iteration in support of the execution and delivery of a highly effective and value-adding business model design.

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Talk with us today about working with you and your team to create and design Customer Experiences that delight and Innovative Business Strategies that deliver. We look forward to discussing with you a different way at looking at your customer and your business.

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Without the opportunity for us to work with an amazing group of clients over the past 11 years our work would have no meaning. Thank You!

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We would also like to acknowledge and thank the 100’s of individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders that we have had the pleasure of working with, mentoring and supporting over the past 11 years