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Research for Insight & Deep Understanding


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Research for Insight & Deep Understanding

There is no doubt that traditional research methods can yield valuable insights and understanding of customer’s thoughts and behaviours, customers are becoming less ‘traditional’ in their choices, purchase and decision making behaviours. Customers access to information and others opinions is unheralded in history, long term loyalty is under pressure in the face of infinite choice, and their tolerance of unmet expectations are at an all time low. Its in this new and changing consumer marketing environment that new and more personalised research methods and practices have been developed specifically to understand customers at a deeper more empathic level. The objective being to gather deep understanding of customers unmet needs that open potential opportunities for product and service innovations and creative business models delivering on these needs. This is a core tenant of the Service Design and Design Thinking insights for ideation process.

The deeper and more empatheticly we can connect and understand the motivations and decision drivers with out past, present and potential customers the more chance we have to connect our business with their real needs declared or not and thus present an attractive value proposition.


Core Concepts and Ideas –¬†Reading and Materials

Research for Insight and Deep Understanding Articles

Gaining Customer Insights

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Gen Y Services Experiences

Fan Experience Journey Mapping

Co-Creating Service Designs through Change Labs

Augmented Eye Tracking Journey Mapping

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