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Designing for Social Change


Designing for Social Change

Based around the broad concepts and practices of ‘Human-Centric’ design and innovation or ‘Design Thinking’, many business, design, communication, architecture and other professionals and organisations have turned their thoughts and efforts towards projects focused upon creating and delivering positive community impact. Some take an entrepreneurial approach and others weave a social agenda into their overall practice and across their organisations. Many work on social change design projects as a part of local communities on systemic problems such as reducing suburban crime, providing sustainable solutions to homelessness, and enhancing community economic vibrancy, while others become involved global collaborations with like-minded people and groups working on designing innovative solutions for communities in the 3rd world or of global importance such as reducing the infant mortality rate in Nepal, providing potable water to remote villagers in the Sudan, and solutions for communities on pacific islands being impacted by rising sea levels.


Adapting and applying the thinking, ideation and prototyping practices from the fields of design thinking and human-centred innovation to finding new solutions some of the everyday problems and issues that surround us in our society and in everyday life can lead to real and meaningful social change in ways never previously considered. Dare to look at our society differently.

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