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Applied ‘Service Design Thinking’



Applied ‘Service Design Thinking’

Re-imaging, Re-thinking and Re-designing your Current Service and Customer Experience Delivery for Competitive Advantage

Service Design is ultimately a holistic approach to using design principles, tools, processes and empathic understanding of customer needs to develop services that deliver a discernible difference that customers perceives a real and positive value proposition over competitors. It is a creative and practical way to improve existing services and innovate new ones.

Working with the philosophies and methodologies behind ‘Service Design Thinking’ your business will learn to Re-imagine, Re-think and Re-design your current Service and Customer Experience Delivery for Powerful Competitive Advantage. Core to the Service Design Thinking methodology is ‘Human-Centric’ optimisation of interactions and experiences designed for maximum impact. We work with and support your team in using the latest service design thinking techniques, creative thinking and innovation tools to re-imagine and re-design your current service and customer experience delivery.

Lets re-examine, re-think and re-imagine what we do, how we do it, why we do it and then ask the customer what they really want, need and expect from us and what we do. Maybe there is a huge opportunity there that we could never have imagined. Let’s have a look.

We can support you and your team in understanding and effectively implementing the practical concepts and methods underpinning ‘Service Design Thinking’ across your organisation. We offer a suite of services in ‘user-centred service design’, based around the latest thinking, research and methods and global best practice in the design and delivery of positively impactful services and service experiences

We customise our services to deliver on your specific needs around the core areas of:

Introducing Service Design Principles – Understanding the Service Design Thinking Concept, Methods and Tools

We work with your team to develop an understanding of Service Design Thinking and Applied Service Design as a discipline based upon a holistic approach. Using design principles, tools, processes and empathic understanding of customer needs, in developing of services that deliver a discernible difference that customers perceive provides a real and positive value proposition over competitors. Based around the five core principles of service design thinking: 1. User-Centricity, 2. Co-Creativity, 3. Sequencing Interrelated Actions, 4. Evidencing, and 5. Holistic Perspective, we work to introduce these concepts and their practical application into your organisation.

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Approaching Your Service Delivery With the Mind of a Designer – Becoming ‘At One’ with Your Customers – The Perspective and Attitude of Design

We work with your team in approaching the re-design or new design of services from the perspective of a designer. We take your team through an iterative design approach through to techniques on becoming ‘At One’ with your customers. We introduce your business to a suite of practical tools through which these service design methodologies can be applied and managed for successful results

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Creating a Highly Effective Culture of Customer-Centric Servive Design and Delivery – Becoming a Designful, Customer-Centric Services and Experiences Organisation

Ultimately an organisation’s long term success in using any customer-centric thinking models such as Service Design Thinking or Customer Experience Design is the steady morphing of your entire organisational culture toward becoming customer and design focused. Innovative at its core, from strategy to tactical execution, constantly and consistently. We see this as driven by inspired and innovative leadership first and foremost, followed by planned cultural change management. We work with your leadership and team to create this environment.

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