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Customer Experience (CX)


Customer Experience (CX)

Mapping, designing and delivering high impact and competitive experiences that your customers’ love, share and come back for!

Mapping, designing and delivering high impact experiences that constantly and consistently exceed your customers’ expectations is a very powerful competitive strategy and if managed well will deliver above market and sustainable ROI across the business. We can advise and support your business in mapping, designing and delivering experiences that are focused on your customer’s needs, objectives and expectations. Most importantly we’ll help you with understanding and delivering customer interactions and experiences that turn them into true and loyal advocates for your business, more than happy to encourage their relatives, friends and colleagues to do business with you. The most powerful and cost effective marketing possible… Positive Word of Mouth!

We work with businesses and organisations, large and small, private and public in designing tailor-made, end to end solutions to drive profitability, competitive advantage and sustainability in an increasingly challenging and intensely competitive marketplace. Customer expectations of businesses, products and services have never been higher, the open sharing of views and opinions with anyone and everyone is easy and ubiquitous, infinite information and choice is available to anyone, anywhere, 24/7, and technology driven innovation is transforming and disrupting marketplaces and industries. It is in this environment that your value proposition to customers’ is being tested and closely scrutinised. It is in this environment that a customer’s perceived experience and how well their experience met their needs, objectives and expectations, their perception of the ‘value’ they received, becomes the true battle ground for the customer’s dollars. Talk with us about how we can help.

The only thing that ever really matters in the mind of the customer is whether their own expectations were satisfied by the experience. If so great. But if their perception of their experience was not somehow exceeded then the customer got what they expected. Nothing more. Say, a 3 out of 5?

We can support you and your team in designing an insightful and effective, Customer Experiences (CX) strategy across your entire organisation, and linking that to consistent, impactful ‘complete customer interaction’ delivery and support.

We customise our services to deliver on your specific needs around the core areas of:

Investigating Deep Customer Insights – Researching and Developing Deep Insights and Understanding of Your Customers Empathy, Decision Making, Motivation and Behaviour Drivers

Using a broad selection of research methodologies and practical tools from the design thinking and innovation disciplines, we’ll work with your team to create a deep understanding of met and unmet needs and develop valuable, actionable insights into the behaviours and motivations of your customers, past, present and future. We assess what does and doesn’t work in your and your competitors businesses from the customer’s perspective, and possible impacts in regard to the businesses future market gaps, opportunities and competitive performance.

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Aligning Your Customer Experiences – Mapping Customer Journeys and Interactions to Align Customer Perceptions and Expectations with the Organisation’s Practices, Culture, Goals and Objectives

Based on research and insights into customer perceptions and expectations combined with a series of targeted customer interaction, customer journey and experience touch-point investigation activities, we work alongside your team to create and tailor appropriate ‘Customer-Centric’ alignment across the business to enable effective delivery and support of exceptional Customer Experiences.

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Designing Your Customer Experiences for Maximum Impact – Designing and Supporting Specific and Broad Customer Experiences based upon Proven Customer-Centric and Interaction Methods and Processes

Adopting a holistic perspective to Customer Experience Design we’ll work with you culturally integrate a broad set of proven customer-centric experience design methodologies, techniques and practical tools, such as; customer journey and interaction mapping, creative thinking, idea generation, ideation, rapid prototyping and on-going iteration, review and insights activities. The measure of success in customer experience design is how effectively and efficiently your organisation’s delivered experiences are able to consistently meet or exceed individual customer’s expectations and deliver a higher ‘perceived value’ than your competitor set. We’ll work alongside you toward achieving this outcome!

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Talk with us today about working with you and your team to create and design Customer Experiences that delight and Innovative Business Strategies that deliver. We look forward to discussing with you a different way at looking at your customer and your business.

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Without the opportunity for us to work with an amazing group of clients over the past 11 years our work would have no meaning. Thank You!

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We would also like to acknowledge and thank the 100’s of individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders that we have had the pleasure of working with, mentoring and supporting over the past 11 years