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Deep Customer Insight & Inquiry


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Deep Customer Insight and Inquiry

Understanding Your Customer’s Needs, Motivations, Behaviours and Perceptions using Specialised Customer-Centric and Innovation Research Tools and Methodologies

Its through discovering deep customer enquiry, insights and unmet needs that the real opportunity for service model innovation and customer-centric design is able to reveal its self. Inquiry through open empathy and a particular customer’s ‘point of view’ is the key.

iimagine can support you and your team becoming a more insightful, aware and customer-centric organisation. We offer a suite of services in the area of ‘deep customer enquiry’ and ’empathy’ delivering insights into motivations, attitudes and behaviours from the ‘point of view’ of the customer and their specific expectations and experiences

We customise our services to deliver on your specific needs around the core areas of:

Understanding the Deep Inquiry, Insights and Research Opportunity – Learning and Understanding the Range of Research Tools and Methodologies Integral to Effective Customer-Centric Design and Innovation

We support your team by introducing a range of the latest and most effective tools and methodologies available to the customer-centric focused researcher and practitioner. We work through the practical application opportunities and implications of each of the core tools and methodologies with a focus of maximising the quality, relevance and confidence levels of deep inquiry and insights research outputs.

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Practical Planning, Design and Application of Customised Research – Aligning and Applying Tools, Methodologies and Techniques to Your Specific Enquiry and Insight Needs

We support your team in identifying and getting a clear perspective of specific problem that the organisation is looking address. Once established we can support you with the planning, design and application of the research required as the first step toward a solution. Valuable and effective research is a highly structured and iterative process focused on gaining a deep understanding of needs, behaviours, and attitudes both internally and externally to your organisation.

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Creating Effective On-going and Iterative Customer Insight and Feedback Systems – Ensuring that Your Organisation is Constantly Connected to the Current Performance and Changing Expectations of Your Customer facing Operations and Innovations  

We can support your team with creating a customer-centric research and insights system both internally and externally to your organisation as an on-going, iterative process that provides meaningful and useful information inputs to the organisation decision making process. Such a system, to be effective and efficient needs to be carefully designed and integrated, and properly established as a core function your strategy, marketing and business operations functions in close alignment with your organisation’s customer experience, service design and innovation objectives and initiatives.

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Talk with us today about working with you and your team to create and design Customer Experiences that delight and Innovative Business Strategies that deliver. We look forward to discussing with you a different way at looking at your customer and your business.

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Without the opportunity for us to work with an amazing group of clients over the past 11 years our work would have no meaning. Thank You!

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We would also like to acknowledge and thank the 100’s of individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders that we have had the pleasure of working with, mentoring and supporting over the past 11 years