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Welcome to ‘Our Community’ for the advancement of Innovation, Design and Creativity in the Tourism, Hospitality and Services industry

iimagine works closely with the Centre for Innovation and Design in Tourism and Hospitality Services to work with industry, government and academia to advance the sustainability and competitive advantage of the Australian Tourism and service sector in the emerging global ‘Experience Economy’ and highly dynamic and disruptive market environment. Through this iimagine endeavours to solicit and support a ‘Community’ of like minded professionals both in Australia and globally with a common goal of building skill and understanding, capability and capacity in the practical application of Customer-Centric Service and Business Model Innovation, Customer Experience design, and Creative Thinking at all levels of the tourism and services sector.

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Participation in the iimagine community is open to anyone with a passion for thinking differently, creatively and innovatively about creating and delivering business models, services and customer experiences that delight, engage and inspire. The purpose of the community as a place to share hands on learnings and experiences in the art and practice of innovating in tourism, hospitality and services organisations for sustainable, competitive and/or profitably outcomes, within our rapidly and constantly changing marketplace.   

iimagine Innovation, Service Design and Customer Experience Forum Coming Soon….

Without the opportunity for us to work with an amazing group of clients over the past 10 years our work would have no meaning. Thank You

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We would also like to acknowledge and thank the 100’s of individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders that we have had the pleasure of working with, mentoring and supporting over the past 10 years.