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Marketing and Brand Strategy

We can support you and your team with designing and executing Marketing and Brand Strategies that are highly effective, are market competitive and deliver on your organisations growth and value creation objectives!

Iimagine Creative Innovation has a long history of supporting businesses and organisations both large and small in successfully developing, designing and executing marketing and brand strategies that deliver on their specific goals and objectives. We are experienced in providing fully integrated end-to-end (initial market planning and strategy through to in market execution and tactical delivery) marketing and brand solutions in both the B2B and B2C context in both the international and domestic marketplace. We can support your team in defining and linking your product and service offering with specific target market persona’s and needs.

Brands are under serious pressure for relevance and cut through. Many of the old, tried and proven marketing rules and methods are being re-considered and questioned. But one thing has and will probably always remain the same.. Customer want to be ‘VALUED’. They want to be offered products and services that they need and therefore perceive as ‘VALUE’. And they want their expectations of the ‘VALUE’ of these products and services to be delivered and fulfilled. Marketing and Brand will always be about the perception of ‘VALUE’!

We offer a suite of services in support of your businesses or organisations marketing and branding goals and objectives

We customise our services to deliver on your specific needs around the core areas of:

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Designing Your Brand’s Success – We can support you and your team in defining your brand, positioning your brand and creating a brand promise that resonates with your customers now and in the future 

Historically brands have been a customers ‘proxy for trust and quality’. In the world before smartphones, Google and TripAdvisor customers had very limited access to information about whether or not a particular product, service or experience would meet their particular needs and expectations. In this ’20th century’ marketplace we all relied on the opinions of those close to us such as friends and relatives or commonly known ‘reputation’ of a particular business or brand to meet the type of product, service or experience that we were looking for and expecting. In the marketplace of the ’21st century’ it is social media platforms enabling hyper-connected global networks of people sharing their personal experiences, opinions and views of everything including the quality and integrity of your brand, products and services and individual access to infinite information 24/7 that will define your commercial success. We can work with you and your team in crafting and designing your brand’s ’21st century success’.

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Developing a Fully Integrated End-to-End Marketing Strategy that Delivers on Your Brand Promise – We can support your team in working through comprehensive, integrated marketing strategy that links brand, offering and customer needs and expectations

Your organisation’s ‘Brand Promise’ to its customers, stakeholders and ultimately to the wider community underpins everything that is expected from your brand, trusted about your brand, along with your brand’s relevance, reputation and positioning in peoples minds and the marketplace. Your customer’s and stakeholder’s expectations of what experience they will have or encounter through interacting with your organisation’s products, services, staff, and any other ‘Touch-Point’ is communicated through your marketing and promotion of your brand. This is the ‘experience’ that you are promising someone will get from interacting with your organisation ie your brand. How someone’s ‘expectation’ of their interaction with your organisation matches up with their ‘perception’ of their actual experience resulting from that interaction directly impacts your brand’s reputation for being ‘True to its Promise’ in the short to medium term or both. We can support you and your team in creating an organisation that constantly and consistently delivers on its brand promise.

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Designing a Tactical Marketing Plan that Targets the Customers that are Your ‘Perfect Match’ – We can support you in aligning your tactical marketing execution with you brand promise and your product or service offering and your specific target customers needs and experience expectations   

We can support you and your team in defining customer and stakeholder expectations, perceptions and views of your current brand promise and how effectively it is fulfilled and delivered by your actual product, service and experience offering. From there we can work with your organisation to design and effectively deliver ‘customer-centric’ tactical marketing plans that clearly link your offered products, services and experiences with your customers expectations and your organisation’s brand promise.

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Talk with us today about working with you and your team to create and design Customer Experiences that delight and Innovative Business Strategies that deliver. We look forward to discussing with you a different way at looking at your customer and your business.

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Without the opportunity for us to work with an amazing group of clients over the past 11 years our work would have no meaning. Thank You!

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We would also like to acknowledge and thank the 100’s of individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders that we have had the pleasure of working with, mentoring and supporting over the past 11 years