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iimagine Strategy Consulting is a specialist business and customer strategy, customer experience design, and service design agency, committed to advising and supporting organisations across the services, tourism, hospitality, and accommodation sectors in designing, developing and delivering competitive, sustainable and value adding ‘customer centric’ services, experiences and business model strategies

Working with senior executive teams and business owners, or across entire organisations, our focus is to help you develop an effective and high preforming culture of customer focused value creation, nimble mindset, and innovative thought.

iimagine Strategy Consulting uses the latest methodologies, techniques and applied practices from the disciplines of Business Model Innovation, Service Design, Customer Experience Design and Management, Design Thinking, Innovation Leadership, and Corporate Strategy in advising, mentoring, and educating on ‘re-imagining’ what is possible in your business or organisation.

We work with people and organisations, large and small across a broad range of industry sectors, to drive performance and success through the formulation of ‘end to end’ project plans and initiatives designed to deliver on their specific goals and objectives. Iimagine provides a variety of advisory, support and skill development activities such as workshops, clinics and one on one and team mentoring/coaching, as well as combination of consultation and advisory solutions. Our specialist solution areas are;

  • Customer Experience – Journey Mapping, Blueprinting, Customer-Centric Leadership
  • Business Model Strategy – Design, Generation, Renewal, Turn-around and Innovation
  • Service Design and Design Thinking – Insights, Ideation, Prototyping and Iteration
  • Leading Creative and Innovative Cultures – Driving Continuous Innovation and Creativity
  • Brand and Marketing Strategy – Customer-Centric Enterprise Wide Strategy to Execution
  • Value Proposition Design – Canvas, Design, Test, Evolve
  • Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, Industry Development and Support

Our philosophy is deeply grounded in the belief that the long term success and sustainability of any organisation is achieved by the recognition and adoption of human centric thinking and innovation design. Our objective is to support businesses in the creation of impactful strategies, experiences, value propositions and business models that provide ‘A Clear and Definable Difference’ in attracting and converting more customers, keeping more customers through value and experience led loyalty, and making more from your customers through increased spend and active reviews and referrals.

In a world where infinite information is at our finger tips 24/7, where we would rather rely on quality reviews by people we have never met over aspersions of well known, high profile brands, and our ability to compare and contrast competitors product and service offerings in simple formats from our couch. Everything has changed, and it’s not going back. Potential customers can now comfortably judge the expected quality and value of an experience through the experiences of others rather than having to trust brands as the traditional proxy of experience quality. This is a very different world, with very different rules where the customer holds the power of informed choice. Tailored Customer Experiences that really deliver are the new black!

Why Choose to Work with iimagine?


Our Outstanding Reputation

iimagine Strategy Consulting has an outstanding reputation for the design and delivery of industry leading and innovative; consulting, advisory, mentoring, facilitation and support solutions 

For more than ten years iimagine Strategy Consulting has provided the services, tourism, hospitality, and accommodation industry with leading strategy, marketing and design led customer experience consulting, advisory, training and mentoring services, both across Australia and globally. Iimagine is managed and supported by a group of dedicated, professional and highly skilled practitioners in their specific field of expertise most with well over 20 years industry experience.

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Our Client Needs Focus

iimagine Strategy Consulting is an experienced and collaborative agency with a well-known reputation for being highly responsive to its client needs and achieving their project goals and objectives 

Iimagine will tailor and adapt its services to meet the specific needs and objectives of its clients. We pride ourselves on our ability to develop close working relationships and providing on-going support and collaboration with our clients well beyond our project brief, and long after the project in completed

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Our Scalable Service Model

iimagine’s unique ‘scalable’ business model means that we are able to provide the best and most experienced and skilled industry practitioners matched perfectly to our client’s needs, project requirements and services as required 

Iimagine’s unique ‘scalable’ business model enables us to align the right skill and expertise to meet our client’s specific needs and requirements. This flexibility in project resourcing provides the client the considerable benefit of highly focused delivery with tight cost control across their defined project.

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iimagine’s Specialist Expertise

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Our Depth of Experience

iimagine draws on years of experience, skill and expertise of its management and consultants in all facets of strategy, marketing, operations and innovation across the global services, tourism , hospitality, and accommodation industry

Iimagine provides consulting, advisory and on-going support services to the Tourism, Hospitality and Accommodation industry and across the wider B2B and B2C Services sector. Our specialist skill and expertise focus is in Customer Experience Design and Management, Customer Centric Services Design, Creative and Innovative Cultures, and Business Model and Marketing Strategy.

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Our Quality Applied Solutions

iimagine is well known and highly respected for its design and delivery of the highest quality, proprietary practical and applied skills focused on industry and corporate training and mentoring solutions and programs

Our specifically tailored learning and skills development solutions and programs can be delivered in a variety of organisation wide workshop formats through to small group skill clinics and one on one mentoring, from senior executive teams through to front-line service delivery staff.

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Our Cutting Edge Thinking

iimagine prides itself as being cutting edge of thinking in the areas of customer experience management, service design and applied innovation supported by the development and nurturing of innovative organisational cultures and business model strategies

Iimagine prides itself as a knowledge and learning resource and strategic partner to the wider tourism, hospitality accommodation and services industry. In support of this objective iimagine aims to provide practical insight and the latest best practice in the design and delivery of innovative and competitive customer experience to the industry as a whole.

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About Our Team

Iimagine Strategy Consulting comprises a team of passionate customer experience, service design, innovation, marketing and business strategy professionals and specialists, available for consultancies and projects across Australia and internationally. Each Iimagine team members has been carefully selected for their cultural fit to Iimagine’s core values and philosophies of Learning, Integrity, Trust, Leadership, and Innovation, and the assigned consultancies and projects based upon each client’s specific needs. Each is dedicated to providing world-class innovation and strategic leadership and support to the service, tourism and hospitality industry.

Meet Our Managing Director

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Ray Schleibs MCom, BIntBus, CEng
Managing Director and Principal Consultant

Ray Schleibs is Managing Director and Principal Consultant at Iimagine Strategy Consulting. Ray founded Iimagine in 2005 when he purchased the well-known specialist Australian travel wholesaler and retailer Australian Tourism Promotions HWT where he successful restructure he turned around this failing business before on-selling the business into a high profile national travel group. Since then Ray has successfully led Iimagine to become a highly respected and effective business strategy, marketing development and service innovation agency with an enviable resume of successfully designed and delivered projects and consultancies across the services, tourism and hospitality industry.

With over 35 years’ experience in leading and managing the creation, design and delivery of successful business, marketing, product and service development and technical operations strategy across the globe. Ray has held senior leadership roles in both global and local travel services organisations, most recently as the CEO of a high profile national accommodation franchise brand. Previous to that he headed up Asia-Pacific and African operations as Managing Director for a well known global travel brand. He has been responsible for the design, innovation, delivery and marketing of 100’s of deep immersion and high impact service and travel customer experiences across Australia and in every corner of the planet. With this amazing breadth of experience and business success, Ray has earned a well-deserved reputation as strong, innovative and commercially savvy leader, and as a talented business strategist, marketer and business turn-around specialist.

Ray holds a Master’s Degree in Business Strategy, a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business majoring in Marketing, Economics, International Management, and Advanced Electrical Engineering Trade Certificate. He has also successfully completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School and the Design Thinking Program at the Stanford University Design ‘D’ School.

Ray specialises in, and is currently engaged in applied research in the areas of: Business Model Strategy and Innovation, Innovation Leadership, Service Design and Design Thinking, Customer Experience Management, and International Marketing and Distribution.

To contact Ray or discuss you needs with him directly please email him at ray@iimagine.com.au


Talk with us today on +61439039279 or email us at info@iimagine.com.au

Talk with us today about working with you and your team to create and design Customer Experiences that delight and Innovative Business Strategies that deliver. We look forward to discussing with you a different way at looking at your customer and your business.

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Without the opportunity for us to work with an amazing group of clients over the past 10 years our work would have no meaning. Thank You

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We would also like to acknowledge and thank the 100’s of individuals, business owners, and corporate leaders that we have had the pleasure of working with, mentoring and supporting over the past 10 years.